Do we have an agreed way forward

Do we have an agreed way forward?

We start a new year and the effect of the discount rate change is still ringing in the ears of the professional involved in personal injury claims.

In cases where the purchase of a property is something out of the Claimant’s reach from their claim award, alternative ways forward have been suggested.
– Adapting / extending the existing home of the Claimant;
– Renting a property;
– Obtaining a mortgage.

What I believe is clear now from the change in discount rate is that on each case we deal with a specific way forward needs to be decided upon, which works for all concerned. I understand there is even talk of breaking down the Part 36 offers to demonstrate a way forward. 

What we need to think about this year is whether we just accept that each case will need its own answer, or whether one approach to all is possible.

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