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Andrew Skerratt LLB, MRICS, MEWI, CUEW’ – disability needs construction expert

Andrew Skerratt is a renowned disability needs construction expert and can provide professional and knowledgeable advice on disabled housing contracts.

Disability needs construction expert

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National and international disabled accommodation advice

Andrew Skerratt is a disability needs construction expert who understands that the disabled community and those with mobility issues require special assistance when it comes to housing. Those who are disabled need accommodation that meets their needs and allows them to relax and enjoy their home in ease and comfort. Andrew’s years of experience in this field means that he truly understands and can help with all aspects of accommodation adaptation services and expert witness services.

Andrew has a rare level of experience as an expert witness for court cases and mediation cases, having given evidence in approximately 850 cases nationally and internationally


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Expert witness

My Services

Is your firm involved with a disabled housing adaptation case and in need of expert witness services as a result? Are you a disabled person looking for a property that is suitable for your needs? Or are you adapting a property for someone with disabilities? In any of these situations, I can help. I am a top expert in cases involving disabled housing and the structural and internal adaptations.

Disability accommodation advice

About Me

If you are a law firm involved with a disability housing case, then you will often find you need an expert witness to offer testimony on the adaptations within a property for disabled people. My name is Andrew Skerratt MRICS LLB MEWI CUEW and I have worked with companies and law firms across the country offering disability accommodation advice and expert witness services on the same topic.

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“Andrew’s knowledge, professionalism and ability to act swiftly and efficiently in demanding circumstances is a great credit to him.”

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Irwin Mitchell

Expert witness service

Expert Witness Service

If you are involved in a disability case revolving around adequate accommodation needs for either structural or adaptable issues, then you need an expert witness who can offer an opinion. My job is to offer that expert witness service based on my knowledge and expertise as a trained and qualified surveyor who specialists in adaptations for people with a wide range of complex needs.

Disabled accommodation advice

Accomodation Advice and Adaptation

Everyone should be able to be comfortable and safe in their own homes but for people with disabilities, this isn’t always the case. If you are seeking to get disabled accommodation advice to adapt a property for yourself or someone who is disabled, then I can help. As an expert in the subject, I can offer my knowledge to help you make the right choices in adapting the property.

Specialist property finder

Specialist Property Finder

When you or someone in your family has a disability, finding a property that is safe, comfortable and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest can be challenging. Part of my role is as a specialist property finder to help you get the right property for your disability and enjoy your new home and feel secure in it. Call me today for a professional advice tailored to your disability needs.


Are you building, adapting or searching for housing that meets the needs of a disabled person? Speak to Andrew Skerratt, disability needs construction expert based in Worthing and covering the whole of Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Andrew of SPS Consulting has many years of experience and truly understands the needs of disabled people in their homes. Email or call 01903 538 196 today.